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Sister Crawford's First Semester

Here it is, one week left in the semester, and I have not updated my professional blog even once in the past 4 months.  Last week was social media week in my Music Technology course and I heard myself saying things like... If you have social media, you have to use it. Consistent posting keeps your followers engaged. what I say, not what I do.  (The worst teaching strategy...ever.) This has been an absolutely wonderful semester!   I have truly enjoyed every aspect of it: working with students, lesson planning, course design, writing tests, one-on-one consultations, faculty quintet, the bassoon studio, weekly masterclasses, guest artists, student performances.  It has been so much fun and an incredible learning experience.   My Music Tech course student have to make a Vlog for their final project .  I decided to make one for them to gain the best sense of what I expect of them.  It's a snapshot of this semester and I think it captures all the many experiences