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Audition Thoughts Part 22: Long Road to Success

I have a job.  A FOREVER job. An institution believed in me enough to invite me into their compensation  program until I'm 65 or deemed incompetent through formal review.   A department of music vetted me through a 6-month long process and determined that I had what it takes to prepare musicians for successful careers in music. A group of well-established colleagues felt I would be a good person to work with for the next several decades. Those all seem a little strangely worded but that's what it means to be given the opportunity to work in our field as an educator or performer.  It's a commitment worth a lot of time and money to everyone involved.   A few words about my position: BYU-Idaho doesn't use a typical tenure track system.  Their system is called CFS - Continued Faculty  Status - which takes three years to complete.  It is a teaching - not research - driven process.  I'm encouraged/expected to complete my terminal degree and will be given the