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2-Wire reedmaking: first steps --> blank

This post is written in collaboration with the marvelous Eryn Oft !  Be sure to watch her accompanying video.              May 17-19, 2019 I attended the University of Iowa , Advanced Reed-making Workshop with Italian bassoonist, performer, educator, and tool-maker/owner of Andante e Rondo , Giorgio Versiglia.    This remarkable workshop was hosted by:  Benjamin Coelho  and  Eryn Oft . If you aren't familiar with these three wonderful bassoonists, click on those links and learn about their work!   For the duration of this post:  GV = Giorgio Versiglia, AeR = Andante e Rondo I have been playing on GV's style of reeds exclusively for the past month.  It has been wonderful and proven to me that this is an effective and efficient style of reedmaking.  I have also learned that applying GV's principles to your current shape and profile will also yield positive results.  I have used the AeR tools that are specific to the GV process but there are

Giorgio Versiglia! Eryn Oft! REEDS! Oh my!

Oh my gosh!   Collab with Eryn Oft is happening!   #womencollaborators #bassoon #dreamscometrue We are talking reeds, reeds, REEDS!   Specifically everything we learned from Giorgio Versiglia.    First - watch Eryn's video right now.                Next - Come back here on June 30th to get ALL the details for making these reeds on your own.