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Double Reed Dish: A Reflection

We are truly fortunate to have members of the Double Reed community who care enough about the progress of all to ask hard questions, share the tough moments, and take an honest look at the challenges we all face in a thoughtful, nurturing, and positive forum. This post will share my reflections inspired by the Benjamin Kamins episode of Double Reed Dish which exposed several crucial points for professional reflection. We all know exactly who Benjamin Kamins is and, while there are many ways to describe his contributions and legacy to our community, I would personally describe him as the gentle force behind one of the winning-est studios in the country currently.*   National auditions, competitions – his students win with a stunning amount of frequency.    *Completely anecdotal statement, no actual footwork completed to prove this statement. I have observed masterclasses led by Mr. Kamins, reed making workshops, even auditioned for his studio way back in