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Baroque Bassoon Bonanza #2

 Again, this is not really a Bonanza but it is so fun to alliterate! I had my second lesson with Andrew Burn this week and learned that Switzerland changes Daylight Savings Time two weeks after we do in the United States - I had no idea.   Working intentionally to practice this past month revealed many things: it's challenging to carve out time for a "new" endeavor it's challenging to motivate myself for an endeavor at which I am not "good" it's challenging to think musically when I'm struggling with fundamentals FUNDAMENTALS, FUNDAMENTALS, FUNDAMENTALS while the Baroque bassoon is a different instrument from my modern bassoon, and should be treated as such, the approach to learning is the same reeds... Andrew has been working to help me sort out my reeds.  I have three reeds that were supplied to my by Leslie Ross and a fourth reed which I purchased from a Baroque reedmaker in Canada.  None of these are easy to play on for various reasons, pitch and