New Season, New You

Not to sound like an Oprah soundbite, but I do really love the saying, "New Season, New You!"

There is something very rejuvenating about taking advantage of the seasonal opportunities to approach your work, your life, with a new outlook and a fresh perspective.  After a crazy and exciting summer fundraising for the Chinook Winds to film for PBS and present at the International Horn Symposium, it feels like fall and the new school year are just as exciting as ever.

This fall I added the title (and duties) of University Professor to my schedule.  As the new adjunct Professor of Bassoon for the University of Montana School of Music, I travel over the mountains every Wednesday to teach my students and rehearse with my faculty colleagues.  This development was completely unexpected and wildly exciting for me.  Though I have worked very hard to define my career as a performer, I know, as well as anyone, that being an educator as a musician is integral.  The past few years I have experienced phenomenal growth as an educator - especially as a homeschooler!

As I begin a new season (new you) I am thinking and spending a lot of time on my materials as an educator.  Getting my reed making manual into a document, sharing my favorites resources through a syllabus, and MAKING REEDS!

I will be sharing these materials on here as I continue to develop them for my students.

Cheers for a new season!


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