Audition Thoughts Part 9

Originally blogged May 21, 2012

 The very pretty view outside my hotel window.

A great complimentary breakfast: banana, bagel, water, juice, beta blocker - well that wasn't part of the comp breakfast.

My best friend, also a bassoonist, taking an audition today as well, in a different city. Texting back and forth about paranoid hotel playing.

A fun note from another SLC free lancer, and fabulous woman and mama, with the MOST PERFECT youtube video ever describing the audition process. Will have to post later.

Accepting that I'm not prepared for this audition but I can still make the rest as beautiful as possible.

Simply knowing I'm not alone. There are several bassoon auditions happening around the country this month and next. A few bassoonists will get lucky and win. Most will return home unvictorious (is that a word? not according to my spellcheck).

At some point, we are ALL having the exact same thought: I hope I'm good enough.

I hope I'm good enough.


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