Audition Thoughts Part 5

Originally blogged May 7, 2012

I drew number 1! I have to admit that I was so happy to go first. Get it done and then feel the sense of relief. I liked my Mozart concerto and the Marriage of Figaro went well! Great progress on those crucial fronts. Next was the first Bartok excerpt, I squawked the last note - shockingly I did the exact same thing in this exact audition the last time I was here, I was totally conscious of it and I still biffed it. Need to fix that!!! Final excerpt was Brahms 3:4 -- to A. I started and for the first time was brave enough to ask for a restart. I'm not very pleased I did that but if the option is there, why not show the panel you can play it correctly.

Now I'm waiting. My perspective is this: my first audition of the season with 3 more. Nothing is lost if it ends right here. I gained important inner feedback and know what I can work towards for the Alabama audition in 2 weeks. I go home to our cute home, freelance work, Utah Wind Symphony, and Trio de Bois - I'm still a professional musician! If I do advance = AWESOME!


My number was not called. Of course it stings a little because I certainly didn't hear playing that was any more spectacular than mine. But that is the luck of the draw. Maybe if I hadn't popped the note in Bartok or restarted Brahms...or maybe not.

Who knows!


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