Audition Thoughts Part 3

Originally blogged May 6, 2012

 When I started taking auditions in 2008 I would arrive several days early to allow me adequate time to "acclimatize." The flaw with that plan for me was having to practice and work on reeds in a hotel room.  I have never once been reported to a front desk. However, because I am so deeply self-conscious about disturbing hotel guests, I believe I did more damage than good in those final days before the audition trying to play very cautiously in hotel rooms.

After several auditions I adopted a new "turn-and-burn" practice. Arrive the night before, fly out the morning after. This has only been possible since becoming confident about preparing my reeds for the elevation change.

Tonight I was very pleased to find that my high elevation reed prep was spot on. My reeds are responsive and in tune! Huge relief. After trying only 4 of my 21 reeds that are with me, I'm happy to see that the reeds I anticipated would be appropriate are just as they should be. I only played for a few minutes because every time I hear a door slam, I anticipate an irritated hotel guest banging on my door. In addition, I have learned that trying to cram a practice session in after flying is a profoundly bad idea. So glad I was completely prepared before arriving!

I went out for Subway and got lots of free veggies on my veggie delight sub. Then I headed over to the audition site to check timing and passed 2 missionaries on bikes - a good sign? After that I went to Winn Dixie for some bananas and some artisan multigrain for breakfast and snacking tomorrow. I got back to my room only to discover that the cashier put the previous customer's half gallon of ice cream and cheesecake in my bag along with my items. No wonder it was so heavy! If I advance tomorrow morning maybe I will indulge in this sweet treat.

All in all I feel good about tomorrow. I'm a little concerned about the A/C in my room but have it turned quite low. I will enjoy some free cable and clean my bassoon and then turn in and *hopefully* fall asleep rather early.


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