Audition thoughts Part 1

 Traveling to an audition at a very different elevation from where you prepare an audition is an art.

Understanding how your reeds will change and then anticipating those changes is not an exact science. This makes things a little risky.

Here I am at the Denver airport USO waiting for my flight to New Orleans. I'm nervous. I couldn't even eat breakfast and I'm not the kind of girl that misses meals.

I'm having stress sciatica. The last time I flew I ended up in an emergency room in New York and it took me 3 days to get home in a drug induced stupor. Still have only vague memories of that. The reality is that I know I'm fine but I'm still nervous about flying and hotel beds...oh, and the actual audition.

Ran into Mr.Chodos at the SLC airport (we were on the same flight to Denver) and had a nice chat about auditions. That was a fun coincidence!

I've decided to blog this audition experience which some people may find interesting.


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