Friday, January 3, 2014

Audition Thoughts Part 11

Originally blogged June 1, 2012

Lest ye forget...

 ...your deodorant and beta blockers.

Put on your husband's deodorant and eat bananas.

Just played...made a lot of small but stupid mistakes. *SCREAM*

There are only 4 bassoonists at this audition, carefully selected from resumes and CD's. In a way, I feel like I already won a little something with that.

This audition is different in so many ways:

-my husband is with me
-we drove
-it's a remote western city
-I forgot my stinkin' beta blocker *SCREAM*
-I played my Mozart very differently from how I've done it in the past...hopefully the "right" way
-it's a Principal audition
-my husband wants me to win it
-I over-practiced 2 days ago which is profoundly bad

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